DIY Sea Clay Face Masks in 4 Easy Steps

March 16, 2016 2 Comments

These DIY sea clay face mask recipes will help tone and refresh your skin as fast as you can say, "pass the wine, I'm relaxing in my face mask". If you didn't catch my spotlight on sea clay, you can read about it here in Top 3 Reasons to Love Sea Clay.

A face mask is usually made up of two parts - a dry part and a wet part. The dry part can be anything from oatmeal to sea clay. The wet part can range from water to mashed up pineapple! The combinations are really endless, but for the most part, what you mix together depends on your skin type.

Pick your skin type below for the best recipe to start with. But don't stop there, keep experimenting to see what works best for you!

These recipes are enough for your face, but you can easily make more so you can use the mask on other parts of your skin. Since these are fresh ingredients be sure to use them all at once or discard the leftovers.

Normal Skin

  • 1 Teaspoon Sea Clay
  • 1 Tablespoon Plain Organic Unsweetened Yogurt

    Oily Skin

      • 1 Tablespoon Sea Clay
        • 2 Teaspoons Organic Oatmeal
          • 1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel

              Dry Skin

              • 1 Teaspoon Sea Clay
              • 1 Tablespoon Local Raw Honey
              • 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil

              Mature Skin


              High Street Soap Blog - DIY Sea Clay Face Mask Wet and Dry Ingredients

              With a clean spoon measure out your dry and wet ingredients into a mixing bowl.


              High Street Soap Blog - DIY Sea Clay Face Masks Mixing Ingredients

              Gently stir until they form a paste.


              High Street Soap Blog - DIY Sea Clay Face Mask

              Apply to your face using clean fingertips, be sure to avoid your eyes.


              High Street Soap Blog - DIY Sea Clay Face Masks

              Sit back and relax.

              Have a drink, or meditate, or read a book. This time is yours, enjoy it! I worked on this blog post while my mask dried ;)

              After the clay has dried (20 minutes or so) rinse off the mask and follow with your favorite face moisturizer, you now have the most rejuvenated skin in town, hollerrr!

              You can have a bit of sea clay each morning with my Ocean Spa soap, too. A face mask and a specialty bar of Ocean Spa? Hello, shower escape heaven!

              High Street Soap - Ocean Spa Sea Clay Soap

              Do you have a face mask recipe that you love? I'd love to try it! Let me know if the comments below :)

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              March 17, 2016

              Hahah, thanks Mom! The boys didn’t take me quite as serious wearing the mask when I asked then to clean up after themselves. They weren’t sure if they should laugh or listen ;)

              Merry Thompson
              Merry Thompson

              March 16, 2016

              Dang, Ardis. You look so cute in clay!

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