Refresh Your Mood In 10 Minutes Or Less

April 25, 2016

Life is crazy hectic and some days you may not have an hour to sneak off and escape like you'd want. These simple ways to refresh your mood will help you put some pep back in your step so you can get back at it cool and collected.

Here's 3 Ways to Refresh Your Mood In 10 Minutes Or Less


1. Stop And Smell the Roses...the Lemons...the Peppermint

Cucumber Soap

Take a few deep breaths with aromatherapy to refresh your mood. The smell of lemons is  is known to uplift and focus your frame of mind. Mint Oils are also known for their uplifting and invigorating properties. Check out my blog post on Lemon Lift Me Ups for a DIY diffuser blend featuring both lemon and mint oils.

A quick spray from a bottle of chilled organic rosewater will naturally refresh and hydrate your face and give you a wonderful dewy glow. Added bonus: it smells amazing! Check out my DIY rosewater recipe here.

I have your DIY DI.done with these smell good specialty soaps to refresh your mood:

Try them and let me know what you think :)


2. Stretch!

Ways to Refresh in 10 Minutes or Less
Photo Credit: Mind Body Green

From increasing your energy levels to relaxing and reducing stress, stretching has many benefits to help refresh your mood...and your body!

This simple (seriously, even I can do it) yoga sequence from Mind Body Green takes just 10 minutes. If you're at work and in need of a quick stretch fix - try these more desk appropriate stretches instead :)


3. Water!

Refresh Your Water
Photo Credit: Grit by Brit

Water can help refresh your mood by flushing out toxins and carrying oxygen to your blood cells. It's no mystery that water is the best no calorie way to keep hydrated. Infuse your water with mint and cucumber for an extra mood refreshing boost!

Staying refreshed and hydrated just got a bit easier with this app from Maxwell Software. Daily Water will set up reminders for you to drink your 8 glasses.


Do you have a favorite way to refresh on the go? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear!

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