4 Tricks to Be Cool and Collected with Cucumber

June 29, 2016

Cucumbers have been grown for nearly 3,000 years and they have this magical quality of being 20 degrees cooler on the inside when compared to the temperature outside. No wonder they have the reputation of being cool and refreshing!

Early July is cucumber season so now's the time to grab some garden fresh. Save one for you to be cool and collected with and use the others for a cucumber salad (here's a great recipe.)


Use these 4 tricks to be cool and collected with cucumber and get ready to take on whatever crazy the day brings!


1. Put slices on your eyes.
It's the stereotypical spa scene, but cucumber slices on your eyes is one of the easiest ways to get the benefits of cool and astringent cucumbers. The natural make up of cucumber plus their cool temperature can help reduce dark eye circles and get rid of puffiness. Sitting with your eyes closed for 5 minutes is another way to collect your thoughts and take time for yourself!


High Street Specialty Soaps - Blog - Benefits of Cucumber

2. Try a Cool + Collected specialty soap in your morning shower.
Cool + Collected specialty soap is made with strained organic cucumber juice and fresh mint oils. This is best for when you need that focus to stay cool, calm and collected so you can take on whatever crazy may get thrown your way. Seize the day, and smell great while doing so!


3. Make a mask with it.
Try this quick and easy face mask made with garden fresh cucumbers and organic yogurt. This powerhouse combo will have your skin feeling like a baby's bottom, hah!

Cool Cucumber + Yogurt Face Mask

  • 1/2 cucumber, skin removed and pureed
  • 1 Tbsp organic yogurt

Mix together the skinless, pureed cucumber and the yogurt. Apply to your face being careful to avoid your eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Take time to collect your thoughts and escape for a bit, you deserve it! Rinse off with warm water and follow with your favorite face moisturizer. Tell me that didn't feel awesome!

4. Add cucumber slices to water.
Add fresh slices of cucumber to your water and get your hydration on! Infusing water with cucumber slices amps up the refreshing taste and is also known to help detox. For more infused water ideas check out my blog post here.

Slice up a cucumber and add to a pitcher of fresh water. Infuse in the fridge for about an hour and server over ice. Yummeh!

Photo Credit: Whole Eats and Whole Treats

Do you have any tricks to be cool and collected with cucumber? Let me know -- post a comment below.


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