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September 15, 2015

We love hearing what you think about the products we make for you! And each time you leave a review on our site a little soap fairy gets their wings. Please don't leave the soap fairies wingless- can you leave a review, too?

Here are some of the latest reviews submitted to our site that have made my heart pitter-patter!

 High Street Soap Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap Review

Personal Fav
My number 1. Love this soap!
– Carrie (Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap)

Great for those suffering from poison ivy and acne
After a tough time with poison ivy, I wanted to try this soap as it was marketed for use on Normal to Oily Skin. I was very pleased as it provided relief at a far cheaper price than other poison ivy products and without all the chemicals. I have since provided it to a neighbor for her child with very oily skin/acne. I have received very favorable feedback. This soap works quite well and recommended during the summer months for the greens keeper of the family!
– Glenn (Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap)

Can't get enough!!
This one is a winner with me! It makes my body feel so alive!!!
– Jackie (Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap)


 High Street Soap Rosemary Peppermint Soap Review

A combination beyond compare!
After showering with this invigorating peppermint mixed with the cleansing effects of the charcoal---I feel ready to take on the world!
– Donna (Rosemary & Mint Soap)

Love all your soaps but this one is awesome!! Definitely one of my favorites!
– Jackie (Shea Facial Bar)

Smells as good as it looks!
A gorgeous soap! A perfect hostess gift if you can stand giving it away! I have never seen anything as lovely as these High Street soaps.
– Donna (Citrus + Herbs Soap)


High Street Soap Lavender Patchouli Lavchouli Soap Review

Smells so good
Just having this bar of soap sitting on the ledge in my shower makes the whole bathroom smell great. Plus it's good soap. It's just a solid bathroom asset all around, highly recommend if you're into patchouli-scented things :)
– Margaret (Lavchouli Soap)

Have you tried our products and loved them? Have you tried them and think we can fix a thing or two? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep improving to be the best for you!

Ardis Thompson High Street Soap

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