Have you tried our biggest mistake?

November 09, 2015 2 Comments

You know Bob Ross? He's that calm voiced painter who loves to inspire you to paint happy trees and very free clouds. One of my favorite expressions of his is:

"We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents."

I know this is true when it comes to our Forever Apprentice soap!

One day a certain High Street Soap apprentice poured a batch of our Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap into the same mold as our Lavchouli soap. At first we thought it would be destined for the donate pile, but after unmolding the batch and cutting the bars it ended up smelling pretty darn good! This happy accident was a keeper.

 High Street Soap Forever Apprentice Oatmeal Soap Patchouli Soap

Forever Apprentice is earthy and sweet with just a hint of herbal floral. You know when fall comes around and you put on your favorite sweater for the first time since last season...It's cozy and comforting and just begging you to relax? It's kinda like that :)

This is really a bar you have to touch and smell to appreciate, and since Apple hasn't come out with a scratch and sniff iPhone yet you'll just have to take my word for it, and these reviews!

OMG! What a mistake!
Just the greatest! Love! Love! Love!

best of both worlds
A mix of floral with honey oat that just feels like home. I love it.

What's a mistake you made that ended up being a happy accident?


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April 15, 2016

Hi Pam – check your email, I just sent over a note.

Pam Hanson
Pam Hanson

April 01, 2016

Forever Apprentice is gone, right? Any left? That as someone who’s been buying your soap for the past (what has it been?) 8 years can get? Ardis, this is my absolute favorite soap! Help if you can! – Pam

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