When Life Gives you Roses - Make Rosewater!

January 15, 2016

High Street Soap Rosewater Soap - How I Make Rosewater

I'm making rosewater for a uber special batch of soap that will have you breaking hearts and taking names. If you're a fan of pretty smelling roses and romantic garden flowers then you're going to love it!

Since about forever, roses have been grown for and used in perfumes, foods, and medicines. The ancient Greeks considered rose gardens as important as croplands. That's some serious flower power!

Rosewater is just as powerful in your beauty regimen because a little jar can pack a big punch. A bit of chilled rosewater on a cotton ball makes an excellent toner. Dab some around the eyes and the anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater can help reduce that puffy morning look (lord knows I need help with that!). Rosewater can also be used as a facial mist during the day to naturally hydrate and give you a wonderful dewy glow.

Keep on reading to see how to make fresh, organic rosewater!

Start with dried, organic Red Rose petals. The ones I use are grown and harvested locally without pesticides. When you make your jar of rosewater remember to buy the organic and edible variety of petals so you're not steeping pesticides when you make it.


Next add hot, but not boiling, water to the organic rose petals and let these beauties hang out in the jar for about an hour. 


Once the organic rose petals were done taking their bath, strain the rosewater into a clean, dry, jar. The water smells just like roses and is a sublime reddish tan. My camera doesn't do justice!


These petals can be tossed in the compost, recycled, or...used in a batch of soap!


TA-DA! Fresh, organic, rosewater! Keep your jar chilled in the fridge and use within 7-10 days.

Have you tried rosewater as part of your beauty routine? Have you made your own?! I'd love to hear about it - leave me a comment below!

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