Mantras for the New Year with a New Soap Sneak Peek

February 01, 2017

Calm blue ocean....

Calm blue ocean...

That was one of my favorite mantras to use when one kid threw up all the chocolate he ate and the other kid is screaming bloody murder because he smacked his head while running know, one of those intense mom moments. I made a resolution this year to be more mindful, and use more mantras. 

Mantras are sounds or words that are traditionally used in meditation to help focus your thoughts. Their use has been around for millennia with the most famous of the bunch being, "Ommmmmmm". Repeating a simple mantra can be calming, motivating, and help get your brain back on track.

Try these mantras to encourage positive thoughts and train your mind, let me know what you think!


Mantras for the New Year

  • I will be grateful for something everyday
  • Forward progress, just keep doing
  • Be here, be now 


With mantras and mindfulness as inspiration, this new specialty soap will help meditate your hectic day away...kind of looks like a calm blue ocean ;)

Here's a sneak peek for you!


High Street Soap Specialty Soaps for Midfullness


Do you have a mantra that you like to use? Let me know -- leave a comment below.

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I can't wait to share wonderful smelling soaps with you!

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