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Specialty Soaps To Transform Your Mood

Turn your shower into your private fragrance getaway with High Street's bars of specialty soap. Each batch is mixed by hand to provide you a sudsy escape from the everyday. Every scent is blended using the power of fragrance to relax, calm, and motivate. Transform your mood with exclusive specialty soaps only available here at High Street Soap! 

High Street Soap Specialty Soaps


Each bar is your private retreat from the ordinary.

High Street's soaps are locally made by hand in the Hudson Valley. I naturally craft your soaps using olive oil, coconut oil, and pure essential oils. Each batch is air dried in my workshop to create a long lasting and gentle soap. All my ingredients are sourced from US businesses and I love to use local organic Hudson Valley products like honey and goat milk.


High Street Soap Specialty Soaps


Meet The Maker

Hi, my name is Ardis and I love creating pretty smelling things. I’m a mom of two crazy boys and I'm a certified soapmaker. I work full time and fan the fires of High Street Soap during nights and weekends. I’m at the front lines of needing a quick way to relax, calm, and center because lord knows my life is crazy hectic and I bet yours is too.


High Street Soap Ardis Thompson Emily Vista Photography 

I drink way too much coffee, seek out pretty smelling things, and I’m an equal opportunity chocolate lover. I’m also slightly obsessed with clary sage essential oil. Email me at ardis@highstreetsoap.com and share your favorite slow cooker recipe with me because I'm always looking for ways to not cook dinner ;)

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I can't wait to share wonderful smelling soaps with you!   

Founder + Suds Slinger @ High Street Soap