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Here's reviews from High Street Soap customers who, I'm sure, smell great and have the softest skin around! I love to hear your feedback because making the best specialty soaps out there is why I do this, and I won't know unless you tell me.

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 Just want to send a quick message telling you how much I enjoy your soaps! I received one of your soaps as a gift while attending a women's retreat up near Woodstock and was blown away by the quality and how it made me feel...beyond just clean. The colors put a smile on my face and the smells and soft lather really put a bounce in my step. I just placed an order to stock up for the next few months. I wish you much much happiness and success!

 Hi I love your soaps.  I was visiting Beacon with friends and you were with your son at a crafts fair and I purchased your soaps.  Not only are they excellent soaps but I love your craftsmanship and creativity.  I am using them and wanted to replace them so luckily I found you.  Looking forward to my delivery and trying some new soaps.

I can't pick a favorite! Love them all. Just got my kids "Weekend Cabin". My sister just visited and had her choice from 6 different soaps, which we always keep on hand as a treat for guests. "Oats & Goats" was her fav. My youngest just picked "Cool and Collected". To get me motivated in the morning, I love "Rosemary Mint" and "Rise & Shine". These beautiful soaps take the edge off the brutal alarm clock, knowing you'll have an aromatic respite before you even leave the house....pure bliss. Thank you High Street Soaps!

High Street soaps and lotions are the best.  And, so is the service!!  I contacted Ardis last week about ordering some soaps for my daughter that were out of stock.  She responded quickly and was able to help me with the order.  Ardis definitely knows the meaning of customer service!

Very much in love with the Charcoal & Tea Tree soap. I must confess that I have loved all the soaps and lip balm that I have tried so far. None have disappointed. That being said, I think the C&TT is my favorite.

For years I've tried products that promised to make my ashy elbows smooth, and nothing worked...that is until I tried High Street's lemon sugar scrub! My elbows thank you!

I tried this [sugar scrub] at a friend's house and HAD to get me some!! It smells so good and makes my skin super smooth. The smell is marvelous. I Will definitely be buying more!!

I love High Street Soap! I've had problems with ezcema for most of my life and a few washes with your handmade soaps and my skin has improved so much. Some of my favorites are Lavchouli (my boss thought I was wearing expensive perfume after using it!), Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, Ocean Spa, and the new Blackberry Tea. Your body butter is also incredible. I had wrist surgery a few months ago. In addition to a pretty ugly, red, and puffy scar on my wrist, I also had wrist pain that didn't completely disappear with physical therapy. I massage some body butter into my scar every night and the scar is flat and skin-toned now and the wrist pain is almost gone. Amazing stuff! :)

This soap [Oats and Goats] is enticing ... from the aroma to the lather ... it's amazing. Customer service is outstanding and I fully anticipate purchasing more items because of the wonderful quality.
Amber via etsy

High Street Soaps are the best!! I have tried other "homemade" soaps and they just pale in comparison. Your soaps just leave skin feeling moisturized and clean without that weird dry film feeling that most soaps leave behind. It is truly amazing and feels like an indulgent treat!! :) Hard to choose favorites but I would say Almond Scrub, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, and Forever Apprentice. So glad that apprentice mixed up some soaps, lol. Also, side note, the Charcoal & Tea Tree soap is amazing for your face and takes off makeup like a dream.

I sent different items as gifts and each time received wonderful thank you's and how great everything smelled.  Everyone loves the pineapple crush lip scrub with the pineapple crush lip balm.  It makes your lips very smooth.  The morning mint body scrub and soap is nice to use in the morning to wake up with.  We love all of the products we have used.

Absolutely love these soap favors! Love how I was able to customize them to the theme of my shower. And the packaging was nice!
Brittany via etsy

I wanted to send a special friend a gift that she would truly enjoy and is slightly different than all others; I choose High Street Soap. Their items are all natural, they make your body smooth and inviting to touch. the scents are beyond fabulous. I was able to freely choose the items I wanted to include. To top off the perfect gift, it was wrapped in this box with the green satin bow. I could not believe that my friend received their gift in 2 days.
I would definitely continue to do business with High Street Soap.

I bought the goat milk, oatmeal lavender soap and just love it. Of all the soaps I have tried, this is by far the best.  My skin is becoming smoother and silken.  My husband has extremely sensitive skin and he, too, is a fan.

Received my order with a personal thank you card...great customer service....and great soap!
Krista via Facebook

Thank you for your work! Your products are the best!
Ilya, Murmansk, RU

My wife really loved her birthday basket filled with High Street Soaps.  I just ordered another basket as a get well gift.  So much more practical than the typical flowers...thanks a million!
Glenn, NJ

I received my order. I pretty much want to snort the entire box up my nose it smells so darn good.
Jennifer via Facebook

LOVE my stress-relief lotion I bought yesterday at the Harrington Park Christmas Fair. Thanks, High Street Soap, for fabulous products!
Tara via Facebook

I'm in love with the Bourbon Vanilla Bean sugar scrub and the smell is amazing. I've tried Lush and Whole Foods natural Soaps and yours are the BEST, especially the the Almond Scrub Bar.
Jacqueline via Facebook

Years later, I'm still addicted to Oats n' Goats. Now my husband is hooked too. Thank you, Ardis. Your soaps are still the BEST!!!
Rizza D, NC

I've been using these soaps every day for over a year and have nothing but love for High Street. Each time I order different fragrances and get so excited when a new shipment arrives. These soaps are my reward after long workouts and hot yoga- what a treat! And the Bourbon Vanilla sugar scrub is a lifesaver in the dry Idaho winters. I'm a High Street devotee!
Rebecca, ID

Everything smells amazing! I just tried the lip treatment, orange blossom and honey, and found that it feels exactly like my Fresh lip treatment but only much much cheaper!
via Lifebooker

I absolutely love the "A Bit of Everything" gift package! I bought one for myself and my aunt-in-law and she is raving about the products as well. They smell wonderful, and the body butter feel amazing on my skin. I will definitely buy more things from High Street Soap for gifts and for myself again in the future! Much better than anything you could get at a retail store and at great prices.
via Lifebooker

I sent the deluxe package as a gift to my mom for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! I picked a different scent for every product (soap, scrub, lotion, etc.) and she really liked how they all smelled. She said she thought the quality was excellent.
via Lifebooker

Beautifully and carefully packaged, and they smell terrific!
via Lifebooker

Incredible product and customer service! This is a go-to for soaps for yourself and to give as gifts! Ardis never disappoints!
Lauren, NJ via LinkedIn

What's not to love?! I love the local, organic ingredients that go into each soap, that’s it's made by a green-thinking female entrepreneur, and that it makes for an amazingly fragrant, skin-loving, irreplaceable, real soap. Once you try it, you’ll never by another ‘beauty-bar’ again, I know I haven’t!!!
Jennifer, NY via LinkedIn

What a fantastic product! We ordered soap to use as favors for guests at our wedding. The soap is absolutely top quality. In addition, each bar was individually wrapped in personalized paper. It was such an easy process to order, the soap and wrapping was beautifully done, delivered quickly, and everyone loved the gift. We will certainly order from High Street Soap again and again!
Anne, NJ via LinkedIn

I tried four of the soaps so far ... and I love each and every one of them!! Few of the soap bars I tried so far had sea weed, eucalyptus oils, green tea and mint. The fragrance of each were amazing and felt absolutely great after each shower. I was very pleased with the presentation of the packaging and the service was quick. These are great quality natural products that should be enjoyed by all. I would add and say that they make wonderful gifts for any occasion.
Shilpa, NJ via LinkedIn

Excellent product that leaves your skin like new; I love the variety of fragrances and combinations. I have tried other handmade soaps but these ones definitely left my skin softer. These are high quality products made by extraordinary people and at good prices that everyone can afford. You have to try their sandalwood vanilla soap; it’s out of this world.
Sheila, NJ via LinkedIn

Locally made by an exceptional craftswoman!
Leonard, NJ via LinkedIn

I got a bar of soap as a sample from a party. This soap is amazing. It doesn't make your skin itchy and smells great. Love it. I'm a new fan and will be ordering more. Love that it's natural.
Danielle, NJ

Absolutely love the new liquid soap. Beeswax and Honey is my favorite. The Limone is great too.
Jennifer, MI

I meant to tell you that my daughter broke her arm when we were up in NY over the 4th of July and she was all upset having to wrap it up to take a bath so she kept saying how she didn't want to bathe.  Guess what got her into that tub in a flash?  The promise of C is for Chocolate!!  Thanks to your soap, she hopped right in and couldn't wait to lather up!  Thanks again for your wonderful products.
Julie, VA

Received soaps for my birthday and just love them!  i just love lavender and you have put me in heaven using your Jenny J Oats n' Goats! i just love, love, love it!
Jeanne, NY

[The favors] ARE AWESOME! I figured they'd be great, but they totally exceed what I expected! I absolutely had no idea how awesome they were going to be! First off, they smell sooo good, they are packaged BEAUTIFULLY, and they are so big!!! AND thank you a million times for the other soap for us - I ripped into the Pumpkin Spice immediately and I LOVE IT!!! I never knew soap could be so smooth and smell so good! We are your newest faithful customers!
Ann Marie, NJ

I have never loved my shower so much until I tried your soaps...they are the yummiest and creamiest soaps I have ever used. Thank goodness for you and your amazing soaps. Now I'll just sit back and wait for the water bill! =) It's ok, it's worth it!
Nancy K, NJ

I knew I'd love your soap before I opened the box. The scents are amazing and so natural. The consistency is so creamy and long lasting. Nag Champa is the bomb! You should have a soap of the month club!
Yolanda, SoCal

I love your soaps. They smell fantastic and I received what I ordered very quickly. I love that you are a small business, it makes me feel that I got quality items. Thank you, I would love to buy from here again!
Vivian, WI

I received a gift package sent by you. your products are beautiful. i haven't tried them all yet but i LOVE the scents and the lip balm is the softest and most effective i have used yet. i am a lip balm junkie with 7 different kinds hidden in every bag and drawer but this is my absolute favorite!
Mo R, MA

I received a gift basket as a birthday gift last year. I have since ordered your soaps and body bars for gifts as well as for myself. I absolutely love everything that I have tried. Needless to say my friends loved your products as well!! Thanks for such wonderful products!
Suzanne, NC

You guys are awesome. I have tried ALL your competitors' soaps and none compare to yours.
Tracy, NC

so i finally did it. i tried your soap in the shower. i have to admit, i'm a shower gel kinda gal - soap dries me out. anyhoo...for the past 3 days i've used the ocean spa in the shower.......love it. not only is it an invigorating smell but it leaves my skin soft - not dry at all! - with a nice scent throughout the day! and here i thought i was relegated to only using your soaps at the sink....i've discovered a whole new world! i'll be placing another order soon, for sure!
Colleen P, NY

The Carrot and Honey soap is the only soap I've ever used that has not irritated my overly sensitive skin. No cream, gel, natural soap, synthetic soap has ever come close. I highly recommend this to anyone with reactive skin. And as a bonus, it smells DIVINE!
Maureen D, MA

As you can tell, my sister and I LOVE your products. The Jenny J's Oats n' Goats is wonderful. I have such sensitive skin and it's been wonderful. My sister also loves your bath products and she is hard to please. You should expect to get an order from me often. I will definitely give it to people for presents.
Ginna B, NC

I received my order today in the mail. I opened it and smelled everything. I cannot wait to go home and take a bath!!
Lisa B, OH

As you can tell by my recent orders, I am definitely hooked on High Street Soap products. I would like to eventually, along with my 2 daughters use your products exclusively. Thank you for help and wonderful products!
Linda S, OH

I can not thank you enough for all the wonderful soap favors at my bridal shower!!! They were just perfect and everybody is still raving about them! I just can't get enough of your Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap; it is by far the best soap EVER!!!! I must comment on your shea butter also! I have horrible dry skin on my legs,to the point it was scarring and your shea butter has cured it! Now as a brand new newlywed I have nice soft and smooth legs! thanks for all the fabulous products, I just love it all!!!
Jenn R, NJ

Your soap is awesome! I just love it. I've been using it for a few days now, its nice and hard and has a great lather. And the scents are just delicious! Just wanted to let you know I got em and am very pleased.
Jess, VT

High Street gained a customer when I received an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap at my friend's bridal shower. This soap is almost addictive, when I ran out had to order more. I tried a new kind of soap from the 'street, and now I can't decide which one I like better--the original Oatmeal or the Lavchouli. Both very, very tasty!
Melissa M., NJ

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and help in making my shower so nice. The favors were totally unbelievable - everyone just loved them - myself included.
Diana, NJ (in reference to baby shower favors)

Thanks again for such good service and great soaps my wife and kids love them.....
Sean, TN

I can't tell you how much I enjoy all the products I have tried. I just love the skin lotion!!! It's great. It leaves the skin so soft and clean and of course I love the soap. I admire you and your creativity and also your passion for it. I wish for you lot's of success.
Carol, NJ

Your soaps are delicious! They leave my skin feeling and smelling good! My favorite scent is green tea with silk. Thanks!!
Lindsay, NY

I am just wild about the new tomato leaf soap. I'm using it in my kitchen, but its delightful enough to use in the shower. I love the scent! Also love the olive oil and honey lotion, also use that in my kitchen! Thanks.
Anne, NY

Just thought I'd drop a note to tell you I love your products. The best is the shea butter. I have severe calluses on my fingertips from using a glucose monitor. I've been using the butter there for about a week and see a great improvement. It seems to soften the calluses quite a bit. Thank you.
Pat, NJ

I love your soap!
Peggy, TX

I absolutely love your soap, its so bubbly and releases the sweetest scent while I'm washing up. I love the way my skin feels so soft afterwards and still smells great at the end of the day. Thank you for making such a great product!
Megan, NJ

I love the PMS bath salts. I feel like a queen with all the rose petals floating around with me in the bath.
Shanon, NY

Your Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap is by far my favorite!!!
Chris, GA

I bought soap from you a little while back (Pumpkin Spice Soap). I love it!!!! I have been purchasing different soaps these last few months, experimenting with various kinds. Yours is one of the best!!! It's creamy with a nice lather and makes my skin feel real good. Again, Thank You!!! I love your soap.